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P.V.G. Satish, I.T. – 2010

I’m P.V.G. Satish, the 191st ranker of Indian Civil Services Exam. I was an engineering graduate from Global Institute of Engineering and Technology. My greatest platform for my success happened when I got admission in GIET, the platform that helped me to hone my skills and knowledge to excel in the professional world and cracking the Civils. I would encourage each and every student of GIET to take the time during their college years and assure their responses are so exciting to hear and your perspectives are fascinating.

Haldher, Civil – 2016

As someone who is passionate about a variety of things, I struggled with finding a balance. The fraternity of GIET helped me evaluate things and determine what I may need in the long run and what things I can sacrifice”. I’m passionate about dedicating my life’s work to others, especially helping to increase the quality of life of those around me. GIET planted a seed with the perfect blend of quality education with moral values and ethics to achieve my dream. “If you are thinking at all about a global experience—just go!!!

MD. Moosa, Mech – 2015

During my first semester at GIET, I was worried about being admitted to the Mechanical Engineering. It was the credits requirement that concerned me a lot.  Faculty of GIET recommended the concept of studying for an hour and then taking a break rather than sitting and cramming. Aamir Sohail sir explained that the idea of “if I do this for a little bit, I will get a break” was motivating. This motivation helped me in many ways by pushing me out of my comfort zone. I took away much more independence, adaptability as well as new perspective.

Mostafijur Rahman, CSE – 2015

Navigating college life while fresh out of intermediate college can be a challenge. When you add the responsibilities of being a non-local to that challenge, it is easy to see how some might struggle. “I was one of the few students from other state”. “I felt kind of alone because there weren’t a lot of students that could relate to my life.”  GIET provided a welcoming environment for a diverse student population and the college laid a pathway for my future. “Plan ahead! As engineers, we have to put a little more effort into finding a right place that lay a pathway for our future”

Sirisha, EEE – 2013

“Engineering College was often described to me as very hard and I often found myself challenged by stereotypes and stigma.” But my experience after stepping into GIET has totally changed. I had an opportunity to experience different culture and make new friends. My college life made me realize that it was a misconception. Here are my words of wisdom for students who want to get better grades in college: Go to class, make friends with people in class just in case you’re absent, and remember that you should want to learn.

Ahmed Bin Ali, CSE – 2015

I wasn’t completely comfortable with going to the college with full of students. Time passed and circumstances changed and I received the one-on-one attention. The staff has also gone above and beyond to provide me with the one-on-one support that was lacking at my previous college. That support has paid off and made my life much easier. My advice to students is something that she learned from her mother: “Ask questions. It’s better to stay ignorant for five minutes than to stay ignorant for the rest of your life.”